A Guide to Choosing a Core Banking Software – For Credit Unions and Microfinance Banks

The Need for Core Banking Software Would you agree with me that financial institutions need channels to deliver their products and services to consumers? Historically, financial institutions have relied on in-person interactions; requiring members to visit branches in order to open accounts, access loans, and savings products amongst other offerings. Given the advancements in technology and…

Credit Union Value Creation Through Technology & Innovation

Historically, credit unions create enormous value for their members compared to other financial institutions. However, this is starting to change with the emergence of new technology. The banks and other institutions are fighting back through innovation. Even new startups are innovating to create value and make life easier for the average credit union member. Credit…

Digital Strategies for Business Growth with Customer Service Excellence

In today’s digital world, developing business models and strategies to grow and sustain your business is absolutely critical.

This workshop is designed to help your organisation build visibility and brand credibility and improve your profitability by effectively engaging customers across several media platforms daily. In order to adapt and thrive, organisations need people who can think strategically and harness each wave of digital change to create new value for customers and new opportunities for the business.